Deborah with a student in the field

Meet Deborah

Deborah Thomason has over 12 years of professional experience as an educational consultant and has worked with families and adolescents in an educational setting for over 20 years. She is a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), the professional association of full-time, experienced educational consultants. Degrees and experience withstanding, Deborah maintains that her most important credential is that she is a mother herself. Deborah has parented a child who struggled as a teenager and was placed in a residential program and therefore she has a profoundly respectful understanding of how difficult this process can be.

As an educational consultant, Deborah has extensive personal knowledge of specialized schools and programs. She travels the country regularly visiting therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers and wilderness programs. Deborah continuously meets with Admissions Directors, Academic Deans, Clinical Directors and Program Therapists, as well as tour campuses and thoroughly explore each school's living environments and unique offerings. Because she visits all of her clients in primary treatment, she has a unique in-depth understanding of which specific program works perfectly for each of her student's particular needs.

Deborah worked as a private school administrator for several years and has held a number of positions including Director of Admissions. Her bachelor's degree is in Psychology, and she has managed a number of non-profit organizations. Deborah is also a Certified Parent Coach and is passionate about her work with families. She is the proud grandmother of triplet grandsons!

Deborah was first exposed to this field by Susan (Skelton) Storzum. Susan has a Masters of Arts degree in Family and Child Counseling, and founded the practice in San Jose in 1996. After helping hundreds of families access treatment for their children, Susan brought Deborah to the practice in 2003 so that she could move into retirement. She trained Deborah for 3 years before transitioning ownership to Deborah.

Deborah is known for her insight, patience, compassion, and above all, her personal commitment to the families she serves. She works with other professionals who take pride in their vocations, practice confidentiality, and conduct business with the utmost integrity. Skelton Thomason is not affiliated with any school or program. The needs of the child and the family are always the most important consideration.